We collaborated with Impact Zone Idealabs to ideate and produce music that is 200 years old. These are old Telugu Christian Hymns in the world music genre. Proceeds from the sales of the music go towards our work.

ART Gallery

One of our early initiates was an Art Gallery and Art School. Now the gallery is virtual. It contains more than 1500 works of art made by our founder Late Shri. G.B.Rao. The proceeds form the sale of the art goes towards the Trust Activities.


We have again collaborated with Impact Zone Idealabs for making films on social themes such as gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS Awareness. We also provided research for a National Geographic Documentary - The Hidden Gender - for the Real Asia, Reel Asia program. We worked for Revathy Menon in her feature film "Phir Milenge" which was on discrimination of HIV in the workplace.

Beauty Pageant

We instituted the Koovagam Beauty Pageant for Transwomen in 2003 in a professional manner at Koovagam, a small village in Villupuram district of Tamilnadu. It has since been conducted by several Trans Organisations.

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