Have a Complaint?


  • Do you know of a homeless woman who is unable to get an Aadhar Card ?
  • Unable to get a Bank account opened for a destitute woman you know because she has no documentation?
  • Know of a woman with disability who has applied for a government pension and maintenance amount but not approved?
  • Is the process of getting a Disability Certificate too cumbersome for you or someone you know?
  • Unable to get a loan of a young woman from a vulnerable background who wants to set up her own business?
  • Are you a person with a disability/person with HIV/Transwoman facing discrimination in your workplace?
  • Did you experience any kind of injustice? Don’t know where to go?
  • Anything else?

Let us know. We will strategize to have the issue addressed and sorted out within our available resources. If we are unable to do it ourselves, we will certainly direct you and refer you to our partners in the field who can possibly take it up.

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